Zaffy 2 years old
& already giving
directions ;)

Here are some useless facts about the person behind this site, ermm me :)

Internet it's work and hobby. IRC chats are addiction.
Making my pages is fun.

I listen to many kinds of music which is one of my passions.
Dead can dance is my favourite group.
Mylene farmer
is one hell of an expensive hobby ;)

Other little pleasures that brighten my silly life: friends, irc meetings, painting (walls!), fooood, teasing ppl, listening to the radio, travelling, babbling, Ion milk chocolates, sci-fi movies/series, greek summer nights, sports(ermm mostly watching them), kitties, panathinaikos, ETCs (which I proudly say I am the inventor of).

visit ION official site click here to visit Panathinaikos site meet zaffy`s kitties music - what zaffy likes to listen to surf the web with Zaffy
Panathinaikos my kittes music surf the web
with Zaffy
taking a nice nap at my
first major church moment
Oh and I am the only owner of the magnificent,  effective, & very powerful BGT ;)

What's the BGT? well you can visit Dellius gallery and you might find out ;) You should visit Dellius gallery anyway,he is an excellent artist and friend from Chile and he has made some cool drawings for me.
But he is not the only artist in #mylene, without any other comments here is Egerie's gallery!

and if you were impressed from what you just read, why don't you join the ZIFC? ;)