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 Lots of events happened since the last update.
Of course I am referring to terrorist hits against USA who made most of us a bit less optimistic about the future. 
I would like to take the opportunity to suggest 2 very interesting online magazines from Usa: (for a bit more serious and almost independent news)  &  The Onion (for the witty side of the news).

 The #mylene gallery, was updated once more.
New nice photos from: Kaor, Comgmal and Tarzan.

  HURRAY! I got my 3rd domain:
Of course this will host my Mylene Farmer Pages.
I got all my domains from Positron. It's the company I work for and has a pretty neat service which gives you the chance to have your own domain & site without having to pay for expensive web hosting.
Especially the Greek visitors of this page should check it:

 And last but certainly NOT least, Egerie just updated actually re-did her website.
Give it a visit and you won't regret it: 


 Well what we have here... a new pic of Egerie!
You don't have a clue how hard is to get a new piccy from Mlle Egerie.. actually I think she gave me this one more easily than I expected. 
You can find it in #mylene gallery, letter "E".
Hmm...I wonder if I feel lucky enough to ask a newer photo from Ligeia as well... :}
Oh and Boytum is no longer Boytum...she is.. well  you can check the "C" letter to find out! 

 The ZIFC page was also updated with 2 new members. before you think I have THAT big idea about myself I should tell you a few things about this Club.
If I remember well it started as a joke in #mylene (I don't remember details, if any of the #myleners does, please share with me, thank you). Imagine my surprise when people outside the channel started joining the club!
Hmmm, do you think I should start selling merchandising now? $-)


 Hurray! The new layout is here.
The content didn't change much but the site is more colorful now and the navigation is easier. I am still thinking of making the 1st page more useful and transfer the news there in a "blogging" kind of way. Oh! and  I promise I will try to update more often :)

 So, what has been updated? 
Well apart from all pages getting a new layout, the #mylene gallery was updated: new pictures, new wavs, new faces, some new comments and the new #mylene vocabulary (or something like this).

 The Zaffy page also changed and the ZIFC page (formerly known as ZSIFC) was updated with new members.

 Pakis Gallery was added in the kitties page, the Links were also updated.
Another Music List added to Yannis Petridis' Lists

 hey and I would like to smooch my *luv* thierry for his valuable help :)



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