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Joe Bunik - Obituary

Joe Bunik - CorbeauJoseph Alan Bunik, a Senior Sales and Marketing Manager at Rohm LSI in San Jose, died on May 24 of brain cancer. He was 49.

Joe was born in Fort Collins, Colorado on June 28, 1948, and moved to Madison, Nebraska at an early age. He attended Madison High School and subsequently went on to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.
He received a BA degree in geography/geology, then moved to Canada, where he earned his MA in geography at the University of Toronto. His thesis was titled "Quantitative Aspects of Fluvial Geomorphology".

Joe went from studying maps to creating mapping software, and from there it wasn’t a far jump to circuit board design software.
He spent 15 years developing Design Automation software for a variety of companies, then moved into Sales and Marketing for the past 12 years.

After living for 8 years in Canada, Joe came to California and has lived in the Bay Area since 1978, except for a 2-year stint in Orange County. In recent years he has worked as Senior Sales and Marketing manager at Hitachi (Brisbane), Hughes (Orange County) and Rohm (San Jose) Corporations. 

Over the years his hobbies have included trains (he collected and built model trains and chased real trains with his son), fast cars (especially classic Jaguars), French pop music, woodworking, and home improvement projects.

His business travels took him on 28 trips to Japan, and he spoke some Japanese as well as French and German. Philosophically he was a Buddhist.

Joe is survived by his parents, Joseph H. and Martha Jane Bunik and brother Chris Bunik, all of Madison, Nebraska, his sister Linda Bunik and brother Bruce Bunik of Lincoln Nebraska, his son Joseph Carl Bunik and daughter Teresa Bunik of Tustin, CA, his former wife of 28 years, Rita, of Tustin CA, his girlfriend Karen Anderson of Fremont, CA, his best friend Charlie Adaysh of Milpitas, CA, and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and good friends all over the world.
Joe was truly loved by many people who came together to help him through his nine months of illness.

There will be a private cremation, followed by a memorial service at the home of Karen Anderson, 36113 Elba Place, Fremont CA at 6 o’clock pm Wednesday, June 3.

* many thanks to Karen Anderson for the photos and the obituary.